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Welcome to The Goose Is Out!

We are Nyge and Sue, and we  run regular folk music concerts, club nights and singarounds, all  in Nunhead, London SE15.

We are proud that all these nights are  now held  at The Ivy House, which is London’s first community-owned pub (the Goose has community shares!)

We are also  involved in various other community events, and for the last few years have run the music stage at the Dulwich Festival Fair on Goose Green in SE22, right opposite the pub where we first started out!

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The Goose Over the Summer!




We don’t have any concerts or club nights during July and August, however our Singarounds continue during the Summer, on the second Sunday of the month.

We hope to see you at a Singaround, but if not, have a wonderful time doing whatever you are doing!

Our next club night will be on Thursday 14 September with the fantastic Chris Foster and our next concert will be an Irish Night on Friday 29 September with Donal Maguire, Thomas McCarthy and Racker Donnelly!

Problems with our contact form and mailing list provider




Crying gooseWe have discovered that some messages sent to us via the contact form on this website have been going into a spam folder. Where they are deleted after thirty days (we have just retrieved three).

If you have contacted us and received no reply (and probably thought us extremely rude) please if you see this could you contact us again.  We always reply to messages unless they don’t apppear to need a reply.

AAAAARRRRGGHHHH modern technology, eh  🙁

Also,  we have recently changed our mailing list provider to Mailchimp from YMLP due to various issues with YMLP including rubbish customer service.

If you are already on our mailing list, you should have received a Goose newsletter on Tuesday 4 July, via Mailchimp. If you didn’t, please could you let us know.

If you are not already on our mailing list and would like to be, please bear with us while we add a subscription form to this website!

Some changes at the Goose (and other important things to note!)




Goose honking


All our nights are now held at The Ivy House.


Please note that we have  changed  some of our door and start  times. For ALL our nights, the door will now open at 7pm. For concerts and  club nights, the live music will start at 8pm. Singaround singing will start at 7.15pm.


Online concert tickets for all forthcoming Friday (and one Saturday) concerts  are now on sale. Tickets are also available  from The Ivy House bar.

Click here to buy advance tickets for all our concerts!

We do not sell advance tickets for our Thursday club nights and Sunday singarounds.


Please note that during our concerts and club nights, you will not be able to access the ballroom (where our nights are held) from the refectory, EVEN IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT AN ADVANCE TICKET . If you are already in the refectory, please use the garden door and go round the side of the pub to access the ballroom and the ticket/handstamp  table from the front bar.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but unfortunately we have had problems in the past with people using this door to avoid payment, and we can no longer have somebody there  every night checking handstamps.


We do not allow food in the ballroom during the live music  because of the potential disturbance to our  artists and audience.

If you want to eat the Ivy House’s yummy food, please try to arrive in time to eat in one of the other rooms. You are welcome to save a seat in the ballroom once the door opens at 7pm and eat elsewhere, and you can also phone in advance to reserve a table to eat in  one of the other rooms.

We are currently trialling allowing eating in the ballroom prior to the live music starting. However you will only be able to order food to eat in the ballroom up to 7.15pm, and all plates etc will need to be cleared from the room by 8pm. This will be dependent on there being space available to eat.

Please note that the Ivy House does not serve food on Sunday evenings, so the above does not apply to the Singaround.


Our concerts and club nights are often very crowded. We never exceed the room’s legal capacity, but in order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the music, we do keep space at the back for standing room only.

Therefore, please do not bring additional seats into the ballroom, as you will be asked to take them out again.

If you must have a seat for health reasons, please either come when the door opens at 7pm to be sure of a seat, or if this is not possible, please contact us before the night so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you.

We hope you understand!


We now charge £2 entry to the Singaround, for both singers and listeners. We hope that this is sufficiently low that nobody will be deterred from coming due to the cost.

To soften the blow, we include in the price a  raffle ticket. In the interval we will draw two tickets for the lucky winners to have a dip in our famous (or infamous) Goose raffle bags …..

The Singaround finishes no later than 11pm (the bar closes at 10.30pm).


Concert Tickets on Sale!




Concert at The Ivy HouseWell, we have lots of other things on apart from concerts, but  our concerts are the only things we sell advance  tickets for.

You  can either buy tickets online (see below) or at  The Ivy House bar. However if we are close to selling out, we stop selling tickets at The Ivy House to prevent overselling.

Subscribers to our newsletter will receive updates on the ticket situation, which we will also post on our home page here if selling out looks likely. You can subscribe via the link on the right of this page!

Click here to buy advance online tickets for our concerts!

Please note that  there may sometimes be more than one page of our concerts  on WeGotTickets!

Click here to find out more about what our concerts are like!

Click here for more information about what’s on, including our club nights and Singarounds!

Local Folk Tunes Session




Local Session

The Goose does not run sessions but if you are looking for one locally, South London Tunes Collective meets on the last Monday of the month for a friendly and informal session at The Castle pub, 280 Crystal Place Road, East Dulwich, SE22 9JJ.  All acoustic melody instrument players are welcome.

Each session  a new folk tune is learned by ear, phrase by phrase, and  tunes learned  in previous sessions are revisited.  More details can be found at