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Welcome to The Goose Is Out!

We are Nyge and Sue, and we  run regular folk music concerts, club nights and singarounds, all  in Nunhead, London SE15.

We are proud that all these nights are  now held  at The Ivy House, which is London’s first community-owned pub (the Goose has community shares!)

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Seasonal Singaround – Sunday 9 December!




Christmas GooseOur very last Goose night of the year is our Seasonal Singaround next Sunday, 9 December!

This differs from our usual Singarounds because as well as having individual/small group songs, we sing Christmas carols and other seasonal songs in unison (we will project the words on a screen).

We will also bring some mince pies (first come first served!)

Click here for more information about the unison songs we will be singing!

Door 7pm, Singing starts 7.15pm prompt and finishes no later than 10.30pm.

£2 on the door.

We hope to see you there!





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We do not use your email address for any purpose except to contact you about our forthcoming gigs and other Goose matters (very occasionally we may additionally include in the newsletter information about other folk-related events).

If at any point you wish to unsubscribe from our emailing list,  there is an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every newsletter.

We would never pass your email address to any third party without your express written permission.

If you are not on our emailing list and wish to be, please fill in the SECOND form on the Contact Us  page. You can also get to the form via the “newsletter” link on this page (above right).

The Goose Is Ten!!!




woman shooing goose

We wonder how many of you recognise the picture above, which was on the front (or back, depending which way round you looked at it) of our very first flyers?

Our first Goose gig ever was on 28 March 2008, Upstairs at the East Dulwich Tavern (right opposite Goose Green), and our headliner was Dave Swarbrick.  He was very late due to being held up in a motorway jam following an accident (not his, luckily!) and we had to rearrange the whole evening to put all the supports on first. In those days we were quite naive, and if memory serves there were about five lots of supports!

Oh what a relief when we saw Swarb come into the room with his fiddle under his arm, to do his two (brilliant, obviously) 45 minute sets back to back!

Well, there have been a lot of venue changes and quite a few ups and downs since then, but somehow we have survived it all.

Thanks to everybody along the way who has been so supportive – artists, agents, pub staff and of course our lovely audiences.  Another ten years? Maybe ….. 😀

Some Important Goosey Things To Note!






All our nights are  held at The Ivy House.


  For all our nights, the door  opens at 7pm. For concerts and  club nights, the live music starts at 8pm. Singaround singing starts  at 7.15pm.


Online concert tickets for Friday  concerts are available from WeGotTickets.

Tickets are also available  from The Ivy House bar, but please be aware that to avoid overselling (and exceeding the venue’s legal capacity) we take tickets off sale at the bar when a concert is near to selling out.

Click here to buy advance tickets for concerts!

We do not sell advance tickets for our Thursday club nights and Sunday singarounds.

For more information about tickets, please click here.

Please contact us if you have a query which is not answered in the link above.


Please note that during our concerts and club nights, you will not be able to access the ballroom (where our nights are held) from the refectory, EVEN IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT AN ADVANCE TICKET . If you are already in the refectory, please use the garden door and go round the side of the pub to access the ballroom and the ticket/handstamp  table from the front bar.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but unfortunately we have had problems in the past with people using this door to avoid payment, and we can no longer have somebody there  every night checking handstamps.


We experimented for a while with allowing people to eat in the ballroom prior to the live music starting, but for various reasons this did not work, so we no longer allow food in the ballroom  AT ANY TIME  after the door opens at 7pm.

If you want to eat the Ivy House’s yummy food, please try to arrive in time to eat in one of the other rooms. You are welcome to save a seat in the ballroom once the door opens at 7pm and eat elsewhere, and you can also phone The Ivy House in advance to reserve a table to eat in  one of the other rooms.

You may have to wait a while for your food at busy times, so please allow plenty of time to ensure you catch all the live music!

Please note that the Ivy House stops taking orders for food at 6pm on Sundays.


Our concerts and club nights are often very crowded. We never exceed the room’s legal capacity, but in order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the music, we do keep space at the back for standing room only.

Therefore, please do not bring additional seats into the ballroom, as you will be asked to take them out again.

If you must have a seat for health reasons, please either come when the door opens at 7pm to be sure of a seat, or if this is not possible, please contact us before the night so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you.

We hope you understand!


We now charge £2 entry to the Singaround, for both singers and listeners. We hope that this is sufficiently low that nobody will be deterred from coming due to the cost.

To soften the blow, we include in the price a  raffle ticket. In the interval we will draw two tickets for the lucky winners to have a dip in our famous (or infamous) Goose raffle bags …..

The Singaround finishes no later than 10.30pm, when the bar closes, to give us and the bar staff time to clear up before The Ivy House closes at 11pm (as it is a Sunday).


Concert Tickets on Sale!




Concert at The Ivy HouseWell, we have lots of other things on apart from concerts, but  our concerts are the only things we sell advance  tickets for.

You  can either buy tickets online (see below) or at  The Ivy House bar. However if we are close to selling out, we stop selling tickets at The Ivy House to prevent overselling.

Subscribers to our newsletter will receive updates on the ticket situation, which we will also post on our home page here if selling out looks likely. You can subscribe via the link on the right of this page!

Click here to buy advance online tickets for our concerts!

Please note that  there may sometimes be more than one page of our concerts  on WeGotTickets!

Click here to find out more about what our concerts are like!

Click here for more information about what’s on, including our club nights and Singarounds!