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Goose honking

Ooooh – we’re joining the ranks of the bloggers!

Not sure quite what will be blogged (Be afraid. Be very afraid) but we will try to keep it folk related 🙂

Oh the Shame ……


Loon - Drawception

Well we (aka Sue) started this blog with the best of intentions, but as you can see from the dates below, it somehow fell by the wayside in the midst of everything else we have to do to keep the Goose up and running. Oh, and then there was Covid ….. one excuse after another, I know ……

If ever my (Sue’s) life becomes miraculously free of other pressing things, perhaps I may return to my various thoughts and rants on here. At present that seems rather unlikely, since I still have half-finished or not even started projects  which have been sitting around for years.

If anybody ever read /reads this blog and would like me to continue, please let me know, as that may push me into starting meandering again, grammar, LOL.

The Goose singaround seems to be blossoming …..


Crikey! Where has everybody come from?

Every time we’ve had to move our singaround, we’ve always worried that people won’t like the new place and that numbers will drop off.

Every time, luckily, this hasn’t happened.

But in the last few months, despite being in the biggest room we’ve ever been in (The Ivy House ballroom) lots of new people – including singers!!! – have miraculously appeared, and we have no idea where they have all come from! At the February singaround, we had to keep moving the ticket table back to get everybody in, and even then it was a squash.

For March, we will have to put the ticket table by the main door, which is a bit of a pain for the people who have to sit at it (ie us) as we’re not very near the singing. Hey ho. I’m sure it will all work out – it always does, somehow or other.

Keep on coming, people! We love to see new faces! (and old ones, of course, she says hastily …..)




Our 2017 flyers have just gone off to the printers – thanks to Rob Anderson for doing such a sterling job and putting up with Sue’s nitpicks (shape of apostrophes, for example 😀 ).

I bet he’s extremely glad to see the back of it for another year (except he won’t, because he will see it at all our evenings 😀 )

Now to finish putting all the 2017 info onto the website, putting it all onto listings, AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH a folk club organiser’s work is never done ………..

Benefit Concert for Refugees at The Ivy House – THANK YOU!


Ewan McLennan

Thomas McCarthyOur sold out benefit concert for refugees at The Ivy House on Friday 15 January made £2650 from ticket sales, the raffle and donations. With Gift Aid added (ticket sales aren’t eligible for Gift Aid) there is a pretty incredible grand total of £2794 !!!!!

The  excellent  Ewan McLennan   and  Thomas McCarthy   headlined, and also appearing were  Aimee Leonard & Emmie Ward (with Mary Currie), Pete Cooper and Gentlefolk!

Thank you so much to everybody involved who gave their time for free, including all the artists, Rob our poster designer, Pascal our sound technician, and all the helpers on the night.

Thanks also to everybody who bought a ticket, gave a donation, bought a raffle ticket or   donated a prize for the raffle. Thanks to The Ivy House for letting us have a cancelled night at very short notice, and thanks to the fantastic audience.

All  proceeds (less a small amount towards artists’ travel expenses) have gone to Help Refugees, a charitable fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift fund (we have to word it like that for legal reasons, sorry …… )

Help Refugees are a volunteer group providing practical help such as building shelters and providing heaters for refugees in Calais and Lesbos. Their website is

They say “Thanks so much for your” (ie everyone’s!) “wonderful efforts. Really appreciate you holding this fundraising on behalf of the refugees. We will ensure proceeds are put to immediate use. With temperatures dropping below zero, our biggest focus right now is warmth. These funds will very much help towards that.”

Why oh why ….


We spend ages listening to demo CDs, checking out new people, and trying to match potential support artists to our concert headliners.

In the past we have had such excellent supports as Ewan McClennan and Stick in the Wheel, before they went on to bigger and better things (such as headlining gigs with the Goose, of course 🙂 )

So WHY do some people think it’s OK to only come into the room for the headliner’s  set?

This rant was brought about by some people at the final Brass Monkey gig who came early, saved three seats near the front, then b******d off elsewhere until 8.30pm, leaving empty seats whilst loads of people were standing at the back.

This is really disrespectful to the support artists, and really irritating to us. Especially me (Sue) 😀

Not sure what we can do about it, but believe me, we are trying to think of a way!!!!!!

Website probs :(


Apologies to anybody having trouble viewing videos on here lately.

There seems to be a bug in the latest version of WordPress, and I haven’t been able to embed YouTube clips as I usually do.

I am in the process of sorting it, but meanwhile there may be a few pages where there are lines of stuff (technical term) which look like links but aren’t actually linked to anything presently, and you certainly can’t watch them (unless you are very very very bored).

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Probably 😀