A Historic Moment ……

3/2/2014 | Sue Whitehead

Yeh, we know that actually every moment is historic (well, once it’s gone), but this moment is particularly historic.  OK that doesn’t make sense either, for various reasons, but bear with us …..

After six years of having a very lovely website (originally designed by the very lovely  Em – thanks Em!) we now have a very lovely website (designed by the very lovely Tokiko) which we don’t have to fiddle about with html with, grammar.

And we no longer have to photoshop every photo into little black and white circles – the cause of much swearing over the years ……

So – welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy it and find it easy to use.

And welcome to our new blog! Which apparently I (Sue) will now have loads of “spare time” to write, since I will be saving so much time that I used to spend on html and photoshopping little circles.

Yeh. Spare time. I think I vaguely remember what that is …… :)

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