What We Do

As of 2022, we  run regular concerts and Singarounds,  plus  occasional one-off events.

All our regular evenings are now held at The Ivy House.


Our concerts have a relatively well known headliner plus two pre-booked support acts. These are monthly (apart from July, August and December), and are usually on the last Friday of the month.

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Click here if you would like to sing or play  at one of our concerts!

Folk Club Nights

Sadly we are no longer running our Folk Club Nights.

For various reasons we had to change our venue (several times) but also the night of the week we were running them. We also had to (very reluctantly) start using  PA to compete with the background noise. We think that a combination of all these factors may have put people off coming, but numbers dropped off considerably when we changed the venue and the night of the week.

We are keeping this information here in case anybody wonders what has become of them ………


We have monthly Singarounds, now held in the Ivy House ballroom, where anybody can come and sing a song, join in the choruses or just listen.

These are held all year round, including the months when we don’t hold ticketed gigs. They are on the second Sunday of the month.

During the periods when Covid has been particularly bad, we have held our Singarounds on Zoom.

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Are you coming by yourself?

We know that many people would like to come to Goose events but don’t like going to things by themselves.

If your friends aren’t into the same music as you, please don’t let that put you off coming. Ask for Sue at the door (or contact us beforehand) and we will do our best to introduce you to other people who have also come by themselves, or at least some other friendly faces! Hopefully you will end up knowing lots of people with the same folkie interests as you!

But please if you are by yourself, try to come when the door opens, as once the room is full it becomes harder to find you a free seat with friendly people nearby (we’re sure you are all friendly, but hey we don’t know you all yet!)

Would you like to help?

As you can imagine, running the Goose is very time-consuming. We already have some brilliant helpers, but anybody who could spare some time to put round flyers and posters or help on the door or indeed with any other aspect of the Goose would be welcomed with open arms!

Please contact us if you think you could help!