Aimee Leonard and Emmie Ward

29 May 2015, 15 January 2016, 9 June 2016, 29 April 2017

Aimee Leonard and Emmie Ward

Aimee Leonard was brought up in Orkney and sang in the very first Orkney Folk Festival at the age of thirteen . Since then she has made a career from performing and teaching folk music.

She toured and recorded several CDs with the pan-celtic band Anam, and during her time with them played at most of the UK, Canadian and Australian major folk festivals including several trips to Japan for JVC records.

She is also a singing/vocal coach and choir leader and presently leads the Dulwich Folk Choir and The EFDSS workshop choir at Cecil Sharp House. She also plays and teaches Bodhran – her bodhran was made by her parents at Belgarth Bodhrans.

Aimee regularly gets involved in community singing projects and also teaches voice at LSBU on their Performance and Drama degree course.

Emmie Ward grew up steeped in the folk tradition as she has  family on both sides who are folk musicians. She plays the flute and is a traditional singer with a soulful voice – she recently won the trad2mad Islington folk club folk singer of the year competition.

Emmie works as a special needs music teacher and has been involved in many projects enabling students to access and enjoy folk and world music. In recent years she has started to perform and collaborate with other singers and musicians. She is also working on a project called “Captain Swing and the Blacksmith” a “folk opera” that fuses literature and music.

Aimée and Emmie met at the SELfolk orchestra and they formed a duo, sharing favourite songs over long lunches !

Here’s a clip of Emmie with the song with which she won 2014’s  Islington Folk Club’s TradToMad competition. Congratulations, Emmie!

Aimee and Emmie supported  Dick Gaughan at The Ivy House on 29 May 2015,  were part of our Refugee Benefit Concert (which was originally Emmie’s idea!) in January 2016, and headlined  at our club night at The Old Nun’s Head in June the same year.

These two are brilliant!

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