25 April 2008

BulgakovBulgakov was (were?) a seven-piece acapella vocal ensemble who had been singing with the wonderful London Bulgarian Choir for several years.

Whilst still being dedicated members of the Choir, they decided to form Bulgakov so that they could explore songs from beyond Bulgaria, for example from Georgia, and to bring this great form of ‘open throat’ singing to South London, where most of them are based.

They are completely smitten with the folk music of the Balkans, with its spine-tingling and often clashing harmonies, and powerfully evocative songs.

Where does their name come from? This is what they say: “We are named Bulgakov after the Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov, writer of the seminal 20th century novel ‘The Master and Margarita’. Why? Well, we love that book; his name conveniently contains the first five letters of ‘Bulgaria’; also the particular ‘open throat’ singing technique sometimes makes us cough!”

Sadly Bulgakov are no more 🙁

However, the London Bulgarian Choir still goes from strength to strength!

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