Carol Anderson

12 October 2017, January 2018, 29 November 2019

Carol Anderson

Carol Anderson is a London based fiddler from Aberdeenshire, Carol has previously been at the Goose solo, and with Stuart Forester who sadly for us, but not for him, is now living in Scotland.

That was one of the few nights somebody was actually filming one of our club nights. Unfortunately our Goose banner fell down and spent the night in a crumpled heap on the stage behind them. Sod’s law, eh? And you can see the very video below – complete with blank screen and crumpled banner ….

Carol was also invited by Hector Gilchrist to join him at his Goose club night in 2018.

And we are delighted to have her back as one of the headliners for our Scottish night in 2019!

We have  nicked the following from Folk Monday. Thanks Graham, feel free to nick anything you like off our website! Within reason, obviously 🙂

“Carol is a highly regarded fiddle player from Aberdeenshire. She has a distinctive style combining East Coast and West Coast influences, stemming from her early tuition from Jean-Ann Callender, a native of Lochaber, and later tuition at summer schools from Aonghas Grant. She has a keen interest in Scottish pipe music and this is reflected in her repertoire.”

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