The Goose BLOG!

Goose honking

Ooooh – we’re joining the ranks of the bloggers!

Not sure quite what will be blogged (Be afraid. Be very afraid) but we will try to keep it folk related 🙂

Oh dear Oh dear


We have been extraordinarily busy and the blog has been neglected 🙁

Hopefully soon I may have a spare few minutes to update it …… though I wonder if anybody is actually reading it 🙂



Great first session!


What a fantastic first beginners’ session we had on Monday night!

A room full of musicians, and one person had come all the way from Highgate!

Thanks to Amanda for suggesting it in the first place and for teaching us all the first tune – looks like this will run and run, hooray!


Good weekend!


The weekend got off to a good start with Laura Victoria and her band at The Old Nun’s Head on Friday night – thanks guys!

Then on Saturday we had lunch in The Ivy House’s pretty garden, and on Sunday went to the Hog Eye Men‘s new Shanty and Sea Song Singaround  in Borough – which was fun, though we were sorry it didn’t continue a bit longer (ended at 3pm …..)

It is tucked around the back of Guy’s and quite hard to find, what with all the building work going on round there, however Nygel’s sense of direction and the fact that he had once been there years ago saved the day 🙂

THE HORSESHOE INN. 26 Melior St, London, SE1 3QP

The pub appeared to be very deserted for a Sunday lunchtime, apart from those joining in the Singaround, so they must be pleased with all the new custom – albeit apparently they have told the Hog Eyes that they will only be able to continue there if people buy food.

Maybe don’t serve dried up leather-like roast beef when (having asked and been told I could have it “how I liked”) I’ve ordered medium rare then, eh, Horseshoe Inn?

Not a vast range of ales, but we were happy with the Hobgoblin …..  so happy we had several pints each ….. and had a very interesting discussion with various people after the Singaround had finished …..

Looking forward to the next one on 20 April (is on the third Sunday of the month).

Trains. And Singaround.


Well, I remembered to check the train times  on Saturday. Trains were running. I aimed for a nice early one to get to my melodeon class in plenty of time.

The train arrived on time. Started off from East Dulwich. Then people started moving through the train saying the back of the train was on fire …… train stopped.

Long story short, I never made the melodeon class. Did get to read a bit of my new book during the two and a half hours we were stuck on the train “for our own safety”.

And yes, the train actually was on fire …. described by the driver as a “technical fault”  😀

So basically, Saturday was not great.

But made up for by a lovely walk in the park on Sunday followed by a fantastic Singaround, with old and new faces (and old and new songs). Thanks everybody!

Singing From The Floor – A History of British Folk Clubs


I pre-ordered this from Amazon (wash my mouth out, I know) and it just arrived this morning.

It looks really interesting and readable, lots of quotes from people like Wizz Jones, Louis Killen, Martin Carthy, various Watersons, Billy Connolly (hey! I saw him in a folk club when he was one of The Humblebums, must have been around 1967 or 1968!), Robin Dransfield  and many many more.

All I’ve got to do now is find time to read it. Oh well, the tedious journey to Camden and back for my melodeon class should be a bit less tedious, only prob is it’s quite a hefty book and my melodeon is very heavy …. just hope I don’t get so engrossed I leave the melodeon on the bus/train, depending on whether the trains are actually running tomorrow …..

Memo to self: CHECK TRAINS!!