The Goose BLOG!

Goose honking

Ooooh – we’re joining the ranks of the bloggers!

Not sure quite what will be blogged (Be afraid. Be very afraid) but we will try to keep it folk related 🙂

Great Singaround!


Great singaround last night, with several new faces which was nice.

And I found two large artificial houseplants in a skip on the way home. Not quite sure what I’m going to do with them, but hey at least they won’t go to landfill 🙂

Nygel kindly climbed into the skip to haul out the second one, upon which the skip owner emerged from his house ….  seemed quite happy for me to have them though!


Shomething Wrong, Shurely ……


We now have Google Analytics on our website, which means I can nosily look to see how many people are visiting the site and how they come to find it. I could before, but the stats we have now are more detailed.

I was a bit bemused to see that somebody landed on it as a result of putting the following into Google:

“Find a picture of my grandad, who lived in byker of newcastle upon tyne, who worked as a meatle (sic) worker”.

All I can think is that somewhere on the Goose site is a mention of Byker Hill (the song).

And the person in question must surely have been even more bemused ….. did he find a picture of his grandad, I wonder …..

Edited to add: I just put the same phrase into Google and nowhere did the Goose site come up, so now I’m beginning to lose faith in Google Analytics 😀


Hooper’s Bar …..


Anybody who remembers Hooper’s Bar, and our gigs there, may be interested in  pages 50 and 51 of the February/March edition of London Drinker, where there is an article by Jamie Hooper about the pub’s  purchase, closure and future.

He  seems to have stirred up a bit of controversy amongst the local branch of CAMRA ….. who will be responding to Jamie’s “many unfair and inaccurate comments” in the next issue, apparently!

Click here to see the online edition of London Drinker!


Mr Otway, we have your shirt ……


and if you don’t let us know soon that you want it back (yes, we have texted you), we intend to AUCTION IT!!!

All proceeds to Goose funds 🙂

Jackie Oates at the Green Note


Had a lovely time at the Green Note in Camden yesterday, at Graham’s Folk on Monday night.

Beautiful singing from Jackie, fantastic guitar from Tristan Seume, and excellent support from the duo who I find it hard to stop thinking of as The Raven, but are now Caz Forbes and Ste Moncrieff. Well, they always were, obviously, but they didn’t call themselves it, grammar.

It’s so long since we were last at the Green Note that I was surprised to see they were serving food again, as they stopped for a bit. I think.  Oh, you can depend on the Goose for interesting information. Oh yes.