23 May 2008

CheeseburgerErm, Cheeseburger the band is no more, and sadly we can’t find a picture of them, so this will have to do!

Cheeseburger supported The Woodentops way back in the Goose’s early days at the EDT.

What can we say about Cheeseburger? Here’s what some other people have said:

“Cheeseburger are maybe the oddest and best band you’ll see this year”

“Like an apocalyptic fallout out by The Meteors with Nick Cave and Link Wray in attendance”

“Cheeseburger’s appeal lies in their shambolic beauty and their knack for writing skewed, off kilter songs that would grace the soundtrack of a David Lynch road movie”

“Cheeseburger’s songs collectively create a movie in the mind’s eye — a long-lost road movie of guilt-ridden men, nascent love, and go-go girls.”


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