Chris Parkinson

19 March 2010

Chris ParkinsonChris appeared at the Goose with Norma Waterson and Martin Carthy.

Despite the fact that we have already had Martin at the Goose in various incarnations (solo, with Dave Swarbrick and as part of Brass Monkey), as soon as we saw these three live we knew we had to book them!

For more than 30 years Norma Waterson and Martin Carthy have been at the forefront of the English folk scene. Joined by their long time friend Chris Parkinson they perform fantastic traditional songs and music in a way only they know how.

Chris Parkinson has played music since the age of 5, starting with the harmonica and developing into a long career playing in various bands. Other instruments he has accomplished (I’m sure that’s not the right word but hey, that’s what it says here!) include the piano, guitar, concertina, tin whistle, melodeon, piano, accordion and keyboard – and he even finds time to play the fiddle. He has worked with a number of people from the folk scene and beyond, including Ralph Mactell, Steve Philips and Billy Connolly.

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