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If you have contacted us and received no reply (and probably thought us extremely rude) please if you see this could you contact us again.  We always reply to messages unless they don’t apppear to need a reply, but we have just discovered that some (but not all, which was why we didn’t realise) messages sent via this form have been going into our spam folder and then deleted after thirty days, AAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH.

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We have just (July 2017) changed our newsletter provider,  as we had serious problems with our previous one (never use YMLP, people! Their customer service is abysmal!).

We have moved over all our YMLP contacts to the new provider, which seems to have been successful, but if you have signed up previously for our newsletter and are no longer receiving it (we send at least one a month) please could you sign up again using the form below.  Sorry for any inconvenience 🙁

If you have given us your email address at a Goose event, and have not received any emails, please submit it again using the above, as probably we failed to decipher your writing!

Also please note that if you have given your email address to WeGotTickets, you will not be on the Goose email list unless you have contacted us directly.

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