Coronavirus as at 12 March




We are keeping a close eye on the situation re the coronavirus, and (as you will see above) have already reluctantly decided to cancel our upcoming concert with Wizz Jones, Alfie Jones and Zach Johnson.

Apparently people can have this virus  and transmit it to others without having any symptoms themselves, and without knowing they have got it. So they  themselves  may be fine, or go on to have very mild symptoms, but they could transmit it to somebody else who might not be so lucky.

Given that people will be sitting close together at our  concerts and singarounds  for quite a long time, and that the demographic of our audience  means that a  lot of them will be in high risk groups, we don’t want to be responsible for anybody catching the virus.

We know that government advice has not yet extended to this kind of gathering, but  we seem to be lagging behind some other countries in that respect, so we would rather be safe than sorry.

We will be keeping our forthcoming singarounds and concerts under review on a date by date basis, but as things are at the moment it looks like we may have to cancel/postpone some of those as well.

We will keep in touch with you re the situation via this website, our newsletter (if you don’t subscribe, click on the “contact us” link on the menu on the left of this page) and via social media such as Facebook (The Goose Is Out) and Twitter (@thegooseisout).

We hope you understand. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Take care of yourselves!

Love Nyge and Sue x