Esbjörn Wettermark

16 June 2012, 25 September 2015, 27 October 2017

Esbjorn Wettermark

Esbjörn appeared for the first time at the Goose many many moons ago at our evening for up-and-coming artists who we really wanted to give a gig to but – at the time – couldn’t fit in anywhere else!

He also came  down to the Mag (an early Goose  club night and Singaround venue) a few times to do a floorspot. His music was  quite different from anything which anybody else had ever done at the Goose, and we really liked it! He  came back to the Goose to support Brass Monkey  at The Ivy House on their final tour in 2015! Hooray! (Hooray he supported them, not that it was their final tour. Obv.)

Esbjörn is a musician and ethnomusicologist with a background in Scandinavian traditional music. Since moving to London in 2009 he has, among other things, worked as a tutor for the English Folk Dance and Song Society, and he performs regularly with the Blackheath Morris Men.

His main instruments are the clarinet and melodeon, but he also performs on a number of other instruments. In addition to English and Scandinavian music he has performed improvisational music and dance in collaboration with choreographer and dancer Sally E. Dean, and has studied and performed Vietnamese traditional music.

As an ethnomusicologist he has spent the last 12 years studying Vietnamese traditional music, especially traditional theatre and chamber music, and has just completed his doctoral thesis on Vietnamese opera music at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Esbjorn currently works as a musician and music teacher in London. He briefly taught Sue melodeon at Cecil Sharp House when standing in for the regular tutor, but please don’t hold that against him when you hear her  😀

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