Jacken Elswyth

22 February 2019

Jacken Elswyth


Jacken Elswyth is a London-based banjo player exploring traditional tunes, extrapolations thereon, and improvisational pieces for clawhammer banjo.

Drawing on old-time Appalachian playing alongside American Primitive guitarists and English folk revivalists, Jacken adds drone accompaniments, extended playing techniques, and elements of free playing to push at the edges of these styles and traditions.

Jacken also organises Betwixt & Between Tapes, a limited-edition series of split cassette tapes, each of which pairs her own banjo playing with folk, drone, improvised and/or ambient music contributed by a different artist.

The third tape in the series, featuring Sproatly Smith (linchpins of the Welsh Borders’ weirdshire scene) is now available!

Jacken’s tapes have received excellent reviews in fRoots magazine!

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