Jackie Oates

Friday 18 July 2008, Friday 4 March 2011, 25 January 2013, 27 January 2017

Jackie Oates

Well, we originally booked Jackie back in the day when the Goose was scarcely out of its egg (well, 2008. Seems like a long time ago!) because we thought we’d better have a change from all the BlokeFolk (technical term – copyright us) we’d had up till then.

Jackie had fast been establishing a reputation as a fiddle-singer (singing and playing the fiddle at the same time) and when she first came to the Goose she had just finished recording her second album.

Spiral Earth said of her:

“Beautiful music of intrigue and passion.”

It was a lovely evening, and since then we have watched her blossoming in her solo career since leaving The Unthanks, and we were absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to have her back, first with her own band and then as a duo with excellent young guitarist Tristan Seume!

Jackie was accompanied on her second visit by Mike Cosgrave on accordion and keyboards, Tristan Seume on guitar and James Budden on double bass, so if you like her album Hyperboreans as much as we do, you hopefully enjoyed getting the full effect that night!

Every time Jackie has been to the Goose, most recently in January 2013, it has been a real pleasure to hear such beautiful singing and playing. Thanks, Jackie!

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