Jake Wilson

23 April 2010, 13 January 2012, 24 February 2012, 26 June 2015

Jake Wilson

We first came across local lad Jake when he came to do a few floorspots at the Mag. We were so impressed that we asked him to do a thirty minute slot supporting Dave Swarbrick at DHFC.

Swarb in turn was so impressed that he asked Jake to work with him on a musical project, and not only that – Jake went on to play  with Swarb at DHFC !

Well we do like to think we nurture talent here at the Goose, but that must take some beating!

We then invited Jake to headline Upstairs At The Mag, and in January 2012 he performed the whole of his forthcoming debut album, “All’s Well”, a cycle of songs marking the centenary of Captain Scott’s tragic expedition to the South Pole and honouring the five members of Scott’s Polar team who died on this journey.

The room was packed, and you could have heard a pin drop. Jake’s songwriting, singing and guitar were all absolutely amazing! And in the second set he sang his usual great mix of songs – we particularly like his interpretations of traditional and Richard Thompson songs.

Jake was back at the Goose in February 2012 performing as a trio with Dave Swarbrick and Kate Riaz.

And he has since actually visited the Antarctic, performing his songs in the place where Captain Scott’s expedition were camped. Amazing!

And live in Antartica …. !!!

And a clip of Jake talking about his Antartica project …..

Now Jake returns again, this time to The Ivy House, to support Swarb again – at Swarb’s request!

Click here to watch Jake playing all the  songs from  his “All’s Well” album

Click here to go to Jake Wilson’s website!

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