Jason McNiff


Jason McNiff

The very excellent Jason McNiff appeared at the Goose back in the day when we were still running gigs at Hoopers Bar.

Jason  is a London based Yorkshireman of Irish and Polish descent. He has made four records of what are loosely described as Alt. Country or Americana, yet there is something very British about him. As Time Out attests, ‘McNiff’s quiet, intimate, fragile-sounding vocals draw you into his world – a melancholy, almost timeless place, through which he drifts, a romantic loner, a dreamer, at home with the blues.’

One of the UK’s best kept secrets
Mojo Star Star Star Star

A triumph of English-Americana
Time Out Star Star Star Star

The nearest thing out there to Bob Dylan and the Band
Sean Rowley, BBC Radio London

Dark songs of drunkenness and murder!
StarStarThe Independent   Star Star

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