Jim Moray

26 April 2013, 24 April 2015


Jim Moray and Fox

Judging by the picture above, Mr Moray has been wandering around East Dulwich communing with the many foxes which frequent these parts – mainly in the Goose’s back garden when the Goose is trying to sleep…..

Particularly partial to Jim Moray’s version of “All You Pretty Girls”, albeit it’s now rather old and he’s done many things and won many awards since then, we had wanted to book Jim for a while  – so we did! And then we enjoyed the gig so much we booked him again two years later!

I have shamelessly nicked some blurb from other folkie websites – apologies and thanks to them! Feel free to nick some of ours, other folkie websites!

Widely regarded as one of the most inventive artists working in traditional folk music today, after four ground-breaking and award-winning albums (including winner of BBC Radio2 Folk Album of Year 2003 (“Sweet England”) and Mojo Folk Album of the Year 2008 & 2010 (“Low Culture” & “In Modern History”) Jim Moray finds himself at the forefront of a new folk revival in the UK and hailed as a pivotal influence by a new generation of folk performers.

Jim  started off his career recording his first album “Sweet England” while still studying classical composition at Birmingham Conservatoire and emerged onto the UK folk scene in 2003.

His reimagining of English traditional music blended with orchestral flourishes, guitars and electronics soon found him awarded the unprecedented combination of ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Album’ at the 2004 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. In 2012, Jim released his 5th  album Skulk.

“Skulk is a tender, inventive and different album. Moray has again raised his game.”  Bright Young Folk
“Skulk may be that stripped down, earthier Jim Moray record that both his fans and critics had been waiting for.” For Folks Sake

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