Jody Kruskal

14 November 2014

Jody Kruskal Jody Kruskal is an absolutely brilliant concertina player (and singer! and songwriter!) from the States.

“What a refreshing sound!” – Sing out!

“Brilliant concertina player” – Vin Garbutt (see, he agrees with us!)

“Technical fireworks… exceptional skills… very exciting playing… he’s able to make the anglo-concertina sound like a mouth organ… bending and blurring notes, so that his playing could never be mistaken for that of an English or even Irish player. ” – Rod Stradling, Musical Traditions

“Jody is an Anglo concertina virtuoso from the USA with a joyful, energetic & distinctive style; he’s a master of American contra dance, old-time and music-hall. He’s a fine singer. He writes stonkingly good tunes, too.” – Lewes Saturday Folk Club

“It is very late Sunday night, and still I have your wonderful playing vividly in my mind. Believe me when I say that not in years have I enjoyed a live performance of any music–ANY MUSIC–as much as I did your presentation last Friday. You exude an ecstatic exuberance as you command/cajole/caress your concertina with energy found from the inmost part of your soul, your physical breath transmitted to the very reed itself. Your music had lilt, elegance, delight, grace, zest, and was so buoyant that its clarion call brought the audience to the art of Terpsichore.” – David Cannata

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