John Kirkpatrick

Friday 25 April 2008, 15 May 2009 (with Brass Monkey), 21 January 2011, 27 April 2012 (with Brass Monkey), June 2013, 25 September 2015 (with Brass Monkey), 29 April 2016, 26 January 2018, 27 September 2019

John Kirkpatrick

Brilliant performer on the squeezebox, great singer, and a very funny guy as well (we think he could have done stand-up if Steeleye Span hadn’t nabbed him first), John Kirkpatrick is one of the most well-known and popular performers on the British folk scene.

His amazing skill with accordion, concertina and melodeon has taken him from folk dancing to experimental rock music – and a wide range of international recording collaborations.

John regularly toured and recorded with Richard Thompson, and played with both the Albion Band and Steeleye Span. He always maintained his love of acoustic music – that led to a long standing partnership with Martin Carthy which subsequently blossomed into the group Brass Monkey.

And now the Goose must fess up – we had a hidden agenda here. We originally brought John Kirkpatrick to the EDT (our very first venue, back in the mists of time)  in a last-ditch attempt to encourage him to sing “Bow Down to the Bonny Broom”, which is one of our all-time JK faves and which we hadn’t seen him do recently. Yes, heavy hints were dropped to Mr Kirkpatrick …… 🙂

And hey – they worked! Not only did we get the Broom (apparently correctly entitled “Riddles wisely expounded”), we got a song about dogs (erm, seemingly entitled “What do doggies do when they get bogies up their nose?” and what must be the only folk song in the world with a chorus of “Hey derry down the computer is down.”

John has since been to the Goose on several occasions as part of Brass Monkey, as well as making  a welcome solo return to DHFC in  January 2011, and then  to The Dog (R.I.P. Crown and Greyhound) in 2013

We said then that we were sure he’d be back! Well, we hadn’t had him at The Ivy House  solo, so what could we do? Our hands were tied (not)  😀

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