Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham

12 March 2009

Keith Kendrick and Sylvia NeedhamA folk performer from the late ‘60s with the likes of Muckram Wakes (Hey! I have their first album with the original lineup! I was such a folkie! This is half the Goose speaking …erm, the female half ……), Keith is an enthusiastic supporter of English traditional music and song, and has inspired many people to get involved in it.

He has a stage presentation which is humorous whilst still respecting the music, and a wry, vernacular delivery combined with a depth of repertoire and a vocal and instrumental ability which make his performances a total pleasure.

In recent years he has teamed up with Sylvia, who brings her own skills of communication and musicianship, so enabling the duo to produce harmonic and joint (leg of lamb anyone? Sorry, I shouldn’t be updating the website whilst drinking Muscat. Apologies to vegetarians ….) concertina skills.

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