Martin Carthy

24 October 2008, 15 October 2009 (with Brass Monkey), 19 March 2010 (with Norma Waterson and Chris Parkinson), 24 September 2010 (with Dave Swarbrick), 27 April 2012 (with Brass Monkey), 27 September 2013 (with Dave Swarbrick), 30 January 2015, 27 May 2016 (with Eliza Carthy), 26 January 2018 (Swarb tribute night), 27 September 2019 (with John Kirkpatrick)


Martin Carthy

Well, luck shone upon the Goose – we had an enforced change of venue in 2008, and had already booked Martin for the date – so he headlined our first event at our (then) new venue DHFC (we aren’t there any more ….) and gave us a great start with a large and enthusiastic audience!

Martin has also appeared at the Goose in a duo with Dave Swarbrick, as part of Brass Monkey,  with Norma Waterson  & Chris Parkinson and with Eliza Carthy. We make it nine times in ten years 😀

Well, considering the Goose would never have come about had it not been for Nyge and Sue meeting for the first time at a party and having a conversation about Martin, we think we’re entitled to have a bit of a Carthy Fest occasionally 🙂

If you’re one of the few folkies in the world who doesn’t already know him,

Click here to read more about Martin Carthy!

OOOERRR. We had an old link here (probably ten years old) which originally went to Martin’s  (or possibly the Waterson: Carthy) website.

Luckily we just tested it (December 2017) and it went to a very dodgy site informing us that this laptop has a virus (it doesn’t). We sincerely hope nobody else has landed  on it and then clicked on any of the links on the site 🙁    If so – profuse apologies!

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