31 March 2017

Oysters 3

Oysterband from a different angle…  By popular demand, Oysters 3 take to the road again in 2017.

John Jones, Alan Prosser and Ian Telfer, the three founder members and creative heart of folk-rock legends Oysterband, invite you to an evening of fresh acoustic performance and off-the-wall stories   –    an insight into their history, sometimes turbulent, often funny, with great songs from every era of a unique career.

“The very first time we did this, we more or less improvised the show.  We were astonished when it went down a storm  –  and we wondered why on earth we’d never thought of doing it before!”

 Click here to find out more about Oysters3!  (The info is sort of embedded within the main Oysterband website …..)

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