Rory McLeod

30 March 2012

Rory McLeodAnybody who has ever seen Rory McLeod in action will know why we had been wanting to get him to the Goose for ages, and we certainly weren’t disappointed (judging by the audience reaction, neither were you!) It was a great night!

His talents include circus clown, fire eater, poet, storyteller and one-man-band ……

Rory is a modern travelling troubadour, using tap shoes, a cappella, harmonica, guitar, trombone, spoons, finger cymbals, bandorea, djembe and various percussion instruments (I thought that was an excellent description, so I nicked it from another website, sorry).

“An awe inspiring live performer who …… writes quite brilliant songs.” Ian Anderson, fRoots

Click here to go to Rory McLeod’s website!

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