20 February 2009


Erm, don’t blame us, they appear to think they are corkbots. Just don’t ask. Obviously there are in fact more of them than appear in the circle – see below!

The Forestbrook Gaelic Choir, Rún are five fantastic lassies (their words, not ours!) who perform four-part vocal arrangements of old Gaelic songs like ‘An Cailín Rua’ (the red-haired girl), ‘Casadh an tSúgain’ (twisting the hayrope) and ‘Bo Na Leath Adhairce’ (the one-horned cow.

Rún perform acapella and with Celtic harp. Current members include Lewis Barfoot, Alli Buhagiar, Sonja Byrne, Evrah and musical director, Brona McVittie, who many of you will know when she was one of The Woodlarks (now sadly defunct).

Brona has since appeared at the Goose in her solo incarnation.

Rún is the Gaelic word for ‘secret, wish or love’.

Well, Rún were just brilliant – what more can we say. They’ll be back!

Click here to go to Rún’s website!

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