Salwa Azar

16 June 2012, 30 May 2014

Salwa AzarSalwa appeared for the first time at the Goose at our evening for up-and-coming artists who we wanted to give a gig to but couldn’t fit in anywhere else! So we are delighted to  be having her support Luke Jackson in 2014.

We first heard Salwa when she sent us a demo CD which we really liked. We spend a lot of time listening to demos, and it’s nice when something really stands out.

“Salwa can silence a room with her wistful voice and poignant words. Just come and see her.”

“Salwa Azar is a lady with skills. The close detail of her ukulele playing and the haunting resonance of her lyrics gang up on the unsuspecting listener and bedazzles them with low-fi, magical wonder” – Helen True –

Click here to go to Salwa Azar’s website!

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