As you will know if you have been there, the lovely Ivy House is a pub, not a theatre!

As we say elsewhere on our website, and on our WeGotTickets page, our concerts are half seated and half standing. The capacity of the ballroom where we hold our concerts is 150.

The pub only has a limited number of chairs and stools, and clearly some of those have to be used for people in the two other rooms who are not coming to our concert!

If you must have a seat, for example if you have a disability which means you are unable to stand, please arrive when the door opens at 7pm in order to be sure of a seat.

If you are not able to arrive at 7pm, please contact us in advance explaining the situation, and we will make appropriate arrangements.

If you do not do this, and you bring in chairs or stools from elsewhere in the pub, please do not be offended when you are  asked to take them out again, as they are needed for customers who are not coming to the concert, plus you will be taking up space which is needed for people to stand.

Thank you for your understanding!