Singing From The Floor – A History of British Folk Clubs

7/3/2014 | Sue Whitehead

I pre-ordered this from Amazon (wash my mouth out, I know) and it just arrived this morning.

It looks really interesting and readable, lots of quotes from people like Wizz Jones, Louis Killen, Martin Carthy, various Watersons, Billy Connolly (hey! I saw him in a folk club when he was one of The Humblebums, must have been around 1967 or 1968!), Robin Dransfield  and many many more.

All I’ve got to do now is find time to read it. Oh well, the tedious journey to Camden and back for my melodeon class should be a bit less tedious, only prob is it’s quite a hefty book and my melodeon is very heavy …. just hope I don’t get so engrossed I leave the melodeon on the bus/train, depending on whether the trains are actually running tomorrow …..

Memo to self: CHECK TRAINS!!


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