Stick In The Wheel

28 March 2014, 10 April 2015, 11 May 2017

Stick In The WheelStick in the Wheel play London folk music. They record to the sound of sirens and birdsong in their long-rented East End front rooms: real, raw and authentic.

They sent us a demo CD, which was head and shoulders above all the others we listened to that day, and we booked them as soon as we had a slot to, er, slot them into – supporting the lovely Jim Causley at The Ivy House.

We have since seen Stick (may we call you Stick, folks?) live many times, and each time we are  blown away. Well, don’t take our word for it, just watch this:

And others agree:

“There is a pleasingly raw, simple and authentic sound to their music”  – Bright Young Folk

“They have a rustic alternative edge that leans closer to the likes of the Owl Service than the more typically traditional folk bands. Their delivery has an energy that is raw, primal and uplifting, Bows of London is a cracking opener which moves at a fair rousing pace, the whole EP is nothing short of brilliant.”  Folk Radio UK

Click here to go to Stick in the Wheel’s website!

The last time they were at the Goose they headlined a crowded club night at The Old Nun’s Head, and now they are coming to headline another club night, now at The Ivy House (where there is more space! Hooray!)

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