Sumner Anderson

24 February 2017

Sumner Anderson


Anne Sumner and Rob Anderson   formed a partnership in early 2016. Both were singer-songwriters in their own right, and regulars on the London open mic circuit. A chance conversation
led them to a musical experiment, the results of which have been as surprising as they are irresistible.

Their backgrounds couldn’t be more different. Anne grew up in ‘80s and ‘90s south-east England, was raised at the piano, writing songs through her teens but only taking up the guitar much later in a bid to expand her songwriting and performing potential. Rob has been playing guitar for over 40 years, influenced by his US west-coast upbringing, always returning to his American country folk roots. He’s collaborated with singer-songwriters from Oregon to Oval, and began writing his own material while fronting The Wayne Drury Project in 2011. With virtually no common musical influences, it’s a combination that, on paper shouldn’t work – and yet onlookers have consistently and enthusiastically agreed that it does.

“Out along the bend” is the first harvest of Sumner Anderson’s exchanged material, with songs written by both Anne and Rob with one (Annalee, track 5) borrowed from The Wayne Drury Project. These songs have grown and transformed as they’ve passed back and forth between the two, and were recorded as live takes, in some cases less than three months into the collaboration. Andy’s Song (track 1) and Solid Ground (track 4) have been particularly well-received for radio play, and Swim Any Sea (track 6) always gets a good reception live.

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