Sur Les Docks

27 November 2015

Sur Les Docks

The Goose first came upon Sur Les Docks at the end of the first Rochester Sweeps festival we ever went to – when not only could we not get into the pub where they were playing, we couldn’t even get anywhere near it due to the hordes of people also attempting to get in.

When we eventually did get to see them (another year) we could completely see why they were so popular – they’re brilliant!!!

Since most of the info about Sur Les Docks is in French, and Sue’s ‘O’ Level French is way way in the past (1965 😀 AAARRRGGHHH), this English information has been shamelessly nicked from another website. Sorry, other website, feel free to nick information from ours!

Sur Les Docks are a Franco / British Band, with an English fiddle player who hails from Deal, near Dover in Kent. The band was born on the docks of Dunkerque France, under the lighthouse,  and has thrived for many years providing first class entertainment.

These seven  men assault harbours, pubs and taverns  with their enthusiastic melting pot of music using reggae, punk, shanties, french ballads, and of course a generous portion of Irish and Celtic rock.

Sur Les Docks have toured festivals in Britanny, South of France (Séte), Belgium, Germany (Rostock Hanse sail) and frequently tour and perform in the UK. Their infectious music, endless energy and non-stop enthusiasm   has earned them a huge and dedicated following of English fans.

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(We hope you can read French …..)

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