The Goose Is Ten!!!




woman shooing goose

We wonder how many of you recognise the picture above, which was on the front (or back, depending which way round you looked at it) of our very first flyers?

Our first Goose gig ever was on 28 March 2008, Upstairs at the East Dulwich Tavern (right opposite Goose Green), and our headliner was Dave Swarbrick.  He was very late due to being held up in a motorway jam following an accident (not his, luckily!) and we had to rearrange the whole evening to put all the supports on first. In those days we were quite naive, and if memory serves there were about five lots of supports!

Oh what a relief when we saw Swarb come into the room with his fiddle under his arm, to do his two (brilliant, obviously) 45 minute sets back to back!

Well, there have been a lot of venue changes and quite a few ups and downs since then, but somehow we have survived it all.

Thanks to everybody along the way who has been so supportive – artists, agents, pub staff and of course our lovely audiences.  Another ten years? Maybe ….. 😀