Woodentops, The

23 May 2008

The Woodentops

This was a great and unique night of English nu folk – The Woodentops played a special acoustic set for the Goose!

Formed in 1983, The Woodentops soon achieved worldwide fame as a brilliant live band. Original indie heroes – and longtime favourites of John Peel (R.I.P.) – they were renowned for hi-speed melodious semi-acoustic rock and roll, based on the distinctive acoustic guitar style of singer Rolo McGinty.

At the beginning of the late 80’s dance scene, they found themselves Balearic champions in Ibiza – resurfacing in 2006! Can’t find a video of an acoustic gig, so take a look at this one for now!

Three of the Woodentops now live in East Dulwich, and this gig was the band’s first ever local performance! Their legendary energy and charisma have survived the eighties intact, as has Rolo’s unmistakable voice.

Click here to go to The Woodentops’ website!

P.S. The Goose found out only recently that “Woodentops” is old time slang for ‘acoustic guitars’. This has greatly confused us as we were hoping the band would bring along The Very Biggest Spotty Dog you Ever Did See to have a bark with Sue, but now we find they are not in fact related to the  fifties television programme. Duh.

And now I can’t resist …..

The Woodentops 1

Spotty Dog

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