Ticket info


Entry to our regular monthly Singarounds  at The Ivy House  is now £5 on the door.


We advise our newsletter subscribers as soon as tickets are on sale for a particular concert (popular concerts may sell out early). To subscribe to our newsletter, please see the link on the right of this page.

Advance Tickets

We advise you to buy your tickets in advance if you can, as we can only guarantee entry to advance ticket holders. We obviously have to ensure that the room is not uncomfortably (or unsafely) crowded and that we are not exceeding the venue capacity. During the Covid time, we have reduced the number of tickets we sell and the concert will be seated only, at around 70% of its previous capacity.

Advance tickets for our   concerts are available online from We Got Tickets.  As of 8 October 2021, The Ivy House is no longer selling advance tickets at the bar. We no longer sell advance tickets at Goose events.

Online Tickets

Click here to buy  concert tickets now! Please note that there may be more than one page of our concerts  on WeGotTickets!

If you purchase online, you will receive an email from WeGotTickets with a unique reference number. You must bring along this reference number on the night, together with proof of your identity (we will normally only ask you for the  surname of the person who purchased the tickets, which will be on our ticket list, but we may need the other information if there is a problem).

If you do not receive an email with a reference number, your purchase has not gone through and you will need to take that up directly with WeGotTickets before the event, as we are unable to do this on your behalf.

If your purchase has not gone through and we have sold out, we will unfortunately not be able to sell you another ticket on the door, so do please check that you have received your reference number!

Tickets On The Door

If a concert is not sold out in advance, tickets will also be available on the door on the night, – first come first served. Cash only!

Sorry, but we do not take card payments.  Please do not have a go at the people on the ticket table if you “never carry cash” 😀

Concert Ticket Prices

Our concert ticket prices  vary depending on the headliner/s. To find out the ticket price for a particular concert, please click here to see details of upcoming concerts and then click on the specific concert you are interested in.

To encourage you to buy your tickets in advance, and thus save us sleepless nights wondering how many people are going to turn up, advance tickets are usually cheaper than tickets on the door 🙂


We  have considerably reduced our maximum number of ticket sales during the Covid period, but we still have to meet our headliner’s fee. We have reluctantly decided to no longer offer concessionary tickets. We have always tried to keep our ticket prices fair, so we hope that this will not deter people on lower incomes from coming to our concerts.

Age Limits

Following a change in management at The Ivy House, in February 2019 we found out that we are no longer allowed to have people under eighteen at any of our nights (except the Singaround up to 8pm). We are very sorry about this.

Concert Seating – PLEASE NOTE!


The Ivy House is a pub, not a theatre, despite having such a wonderful stage! The concert will be half seated, half standing room. An advance ticket does not guarantee you a seat, and seats are unreserved.

If you want to be sure of a particular seat, or indeed a seat at all on popular nights, best get there when the door opens at 7pm! Of course there will be standing room as well.

If you need a seat for health or other reasons, you MUST take responsibility for arriving at 7pm. If you are not able to do this, please let us know IN ADVANCE that you need a seat. We will not be able to bring in seats from elsewhere in the pub after 7pm.


In line with other music promoters,  the Goose does not give refunds unless the venue or the headliner changes or the event is cancelled. If the circumstances are exceptional, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

If you purchase online, please also be aware of WeGotTickets terms and conditions. If you cannot use your tickets, you may be able to reallocate them online to friends. Please click here for details.

Sold Out Concerts – Ticket Availability

Where a concert has sold out, we used to put people with tickets they couldn’t use in touch with people who wanted them, on the night of the concert.

This became too much of a hassle for us on top of everything else we had to do, so we reluctantly stopped doing it.

Where a concert has not sold out, if you have  tickets bought online which you cannot use you will still be able to reallocate them to somebody else via the WeGotTickets website – please see above.