Who is the Goose?


Nygel pic

Nyge is very lovely. He is part of Folk2Future, DJs who have regularly played at the Big Chill Bar in Dray Walk off Brick Lane and also at some of the Big Chill festivals. He also DJs as DJFlapjack Davey

Click here to listen to some of Nygel’s mixes

Click here to listen to some of Nygel’s own tunes

One of Nyge’s other claims to fame is that he was a member of The Knights of the Occasional Table, who brought out such great albums as “Knees up Mother Earth”, “Les Elephants du Paradis”, “The Planet Sweet” and “John Barleycorn 2000”. Yep, that has to be kind of folkie with a name like that . It “explores the rich seam of folk in a more modern context of synthesisers and loops”, it says here ….

The Knights also had a session with John Peel (R.I.P.) and their single “Eden” was a single of the week on Radio 1’s evening show in the nineties.

Click here to listen to some Knights of the Occasional Table tracks

Nyge has many other claims to fame but he won’t let me tell you them! We won’t mention that reversible jacket then, eh, Nyge?


Sue in cat hat

Sue got into Folk way way back in the sixties. She likes to brag that she was at Bert Jansch’s first solo concert at St Pancras Town Hall, having sat open-mouthed throughout when she saw him for the first time at that so-atmospheric venue the Fairfield Halls in Croydon (well it was all new then, innit. All that folkie finger-picking stuff.)

Once she’d heard Martin Carthy, that was it really. A folkie for life. In fact Sue and Nyge got together as a result of discovering a mutual (platonic obviously) love of Mr Carthy at a party a few years back. How we came to discover it who knows, must have been fate.

Unlike Nygel, Sue has no claims to fame whatsoever really. She mainly just talks too much, interrupts, bosses  people around, swears and drinks a lot of Stella. Apart from that she’s mostly alright though.

Other Goose People

We have had so many helpers and supporters since we started out in 2008, and we are so grateful to all of them. Without them, there would be no Goose!

We’d like to acknowledge some of them here. We’re bound to have missed out somebody vital, so if it was you, please don’t be offended. We (well, Sue, who’s doing the website) have the memory span of a very small gnat, and the fact that we’ve inadvertently omitted you doesn’t (probably 🙂 )  mean that you have  grievously offended us ……

So – in no particular order at all –

Davide aka Nzoyi, for being an ace sound technician, letting us use his PA, and for his formidable diplomatic skills over many years at DHFC and The Dog (aka The Crown and Greyhound in Dulwich Village 🙂 ).

Pascal for  being an equally ace sound technician for our concerts at The Ivy House.

Archie for giving up his time to install a proper stage lighting system for us at DHFC

Alan for giving up his time to build us a modular stage at The Dog

Rob for redesigning our posters and flyers and patiently putting up with our (ie Sue’s) nitpicks each time a new one is needed, plus designing our paid  Folk London adverts.

Sonke (sorry not sure how to do an umlaut) for  designing our original posters and flyers, with the Goose woman on them – they were dearly loved, but of their time!

Emily and Tokiko for sterling work in constructing our website/s and for being so extraordinarily patient while we learned how to put stuff onto it/them

Siobhan for advice on using social media, especially Twitter (which to our shame we are still not using properly)

Nancy for advice on using Instagram (which, also  to our shame,  we have not actually started using at all yet. As of February 2019, blush. We did get as far as opening a Goose Instagram account. Or whatever it’s called. 🙁  )

Dave for taking some fantastic pictures of the artists at our early concerts at DHFC in 2010 and 2011.

John for responding to our plea for a photographer and taking some great pics and sending them to us. Upon which we have so far done nothing with them. 🙁  WE ARE SORRY,  WE WILL UPLOAD THEM AS SOON AS WE HAVE A SPARE MOMENT!!!

John (a different John)  and Jenny for so much help in transporting PA to and from the Dog at every concert there.

Sarah and Ian for giving many of “our” artists a bed for the night.

Kevin, Sandra, Russ and Claire from Walthamstow Folk Club for lots of advice and support when we were just starting out

Guy for pointing us in the direction of our newsletter provider, and services to printing.

Peggy, Janet, Rose, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Nikki, Ian, Fran, Tricia, Alison, Andy, Penny, John (a third John), John ( a fourth John), Fiona,  Viv, James  and everybody else who has ever helped on the door and ticket table  (and in many cases gone well beyond the call of duty in helping us clear up after the gig).

Mike for risking life, limb and finger-scorching when on voluntary candle lighting duty at DHFC.

Andy and Ian for services to bouncing  🙂 , and intimidating bad people when required  …….. (luckily not often 😀 )

Nick (DHFC), Steve (Mag), Jamie and Viv  (Hoopers), John (Marlborough), Adam (CPT), Jake (Dog), Dan, Lou and Nick (Nun), Hugo, Graham, Jack, Harry, Tim, Tom, Martha  (Ivy House) for providing us with venues and ale,  and being generally supportive – and the bar staff at all these places (too many to thank individually!)

Emily, Tessa, Geoff  and the rest of the Ivy House managing committee for being very supportive of what we do.

And of course everybody who has ever performed at the Goose and everybody who comes to our nights! Thank you everybody!