Why oh why ….

30/9/2015 | Sue Whitehead

We spend ages listening to demo CDs, checking out new people, and trying to match potential support artists to our concert headliners.

In the past we have had such excellent supports as Ewan McClennan and Stick in the Wheel, before they went on to bigger and better things (such as headlining gigs with the Goose, of course 🙂 )

So WHY do some people think it’s OK to only come into the room for the headliner’s  set?

This rant was brought about by some people at the final Brass Monkey gig who came early, saved three seats near the front, then b******d off elsewhere until 8.30pm, leaving empty seats whilst loads of people were standing at the back.

This is really disrespectful to the support artists, and really irritating to us. Especially me (Sue) 😀

Not sure what we can do about it, but believe me, we are trying to think of a way!!!!!!

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