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Welcome to The Goose Is Out!

We are Nyge and Sue, and we  run regular folk music concerts and singarounds, all  in Nunhead, London SE15.

We are proud that all these nights are  now held  at The Ivy House, which is London’s first community-owned pub (the Goose has community shares!)

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FREE !!!! Singaround at The Ivy House on SUNDAY 8 AUGUST!!!! 7pm!





Crikey, doesn’t it seem a long time ….. I have shamelessly copied and pasted the following from our latest newsletter which went out last night (2 August) so if you have already read it, apologies!

We are delighted to say that we are holding our next Singaround in The Ivy House ballroom THIS SUNDAY 8 August!

As it is so long since we were last there, and obviously there will be a few Covid-related changes, we are testing the water to see how things go, and therefore we have decided to make this one FREE!


The basic format of the Singaround will stay the same as it was before – sign up when you arrive if you would like to sing; first to sign up first to sing;  anything goes (within reason, lol); all languages welcome;  listeners welcome;  if you become suddenly bold during the course of the evening you can sign up to sing at any point; duos and trios count as one turn but can also sing a solo song each; one song each per round then we start again!

The door will open at 7pm (though we will play this by ear, no pun intended). Singing will start at 7.15pm prompt and finish by 10pm at the latest, depending on the number of singers. Please note that that is earlier than before as the pub is presently closing at 10pm on Sundays.

Please also note that the kitchen closes at 6pm on Sundays, so if you want to eat you will need to get to The Ivy House well before the start of the Singaround.

If you haven’t been before, you can find more info here (though be aware that given the current circumstances, some of that info may now be superseded by what is outlined below) :


The Ivy House has its own Covid precautions, which are included below, but we have added some others.


* We will be asking you to show proof at the door that either you have been double jabbed or that you are exempt. Sorry, but we will make no exceptions to this, so please don’t forget your proof! We are really sorry that this will mean excluding some younger people who have not yet been offered the vaccine, but we hope that you will be able to come to later Singarounds this year.

* Even if you have been fully vaccinated, please do not come to the Singaround if you feel unwell, think you may have been exposed to infection, or have any symptoms which could be Covid-related (there are many more than the fever/cough/loss of taste or smell which the government is still trotting out …..)

* Please bring a mask, and wear it at all times when you are moving about the room or the pub. The Ivy House is encouraging people to wear masks but not enforcing it (though their staff will be wearing masks), but we will not allow people into the Singaround without one, unless you can show us proof that you are exempt.

* The room will be laid out differently from before. We think it is better, but we are not sure how it will work with social distancing. The tables themselves will be socially distanced, but not the seats at the tables. We will need to see how this works on the night, and whether we need to ask people to wear masks when seated (hopefully not, and obviously not when they are singing!!)

* The Ivy House asks that once in the pub, people remain at their table unless going to the loo or leaving. We realise that this will be very difficult when you see people you haven’t seen for ages and want to talk to them, but we would ask you to respect this request and understand the reason for it.

* You will be able to order drinks from your table. They will be brought to you and you won’t have to go to the bar. Please support The Ivy House by buying drinks! Like all pubs, it has had a very hard time financially, and we would hate to see London’s first community-owned pub go under, quite apart from losing our venue!

* We think singing should be safe  provided the singer/s are at a reasonable distance from others, but again, we will need to see how this works on the night. If anybody feels unsafe during the Singaround, please tell us and we will do our best to put things right.

* We will keep doors open, however we may need to assess how this works if there is a lot of noise from the rest of the pub.

* The Ivy House staff are being offered regular lateral flow tests.

* The Ivy House is deep cleaning the building regularly, and will continue to use contact cleaning solutions which reduce the risk of contact infections.

* There will be sanitising units for you to use.

* We will be selling the August/September issue of Folk London. It is £2 a copy. If you would like one, please bring the correct money in cash, as we will not be giving change  (sorry, we don’t have a card reader).

* We know this will be very disappointing and is the only reason some of you come (joke) but for Covid safety reasons we won’t be having a raffle at any of our events for the foreseeable future.

* As some consolation, however, we will be giving away back copies of Folk London, courtesy of James Eagle the editor, who many of you will know as he is often on the door at our Singarounds. Thanks James! Please play fair and leave some for others!


These are strange times for us all, and we are sure we haven’t thought of everything.

We would welcome your feedback either before or after the Singaround (preferably not during unless it’s urgent!) as to how we can do things better.


Hey! We are back at The Ivy House!! Hooray!!!


Update as at 14 July …..




We are keeping concert tickets on sale for the time being.

However given the ongoing uncertainty and increase in infections, we are in discussions with The Ivy House as to how/whether we can hold these concerts (and singarounds) safely.

Please watch this space (or subscribe to our newsletter! Link on the right!) for the most up-to-date information.

Update from the Goose 5 July!





Our first concerts at The Ivy House since lockdown will be  Alasdair Roberts (24 September ), Ewan McLennan (29 October) and Martin Simpson (26 November)The first two were postponed from 2020.

We have just put tickets on sale.

Click here to buy tickets!

Our first Singaround at The Ivy House since lockdown will be on Sunday 8 August ( we have been running Zoom singarounds).

If you need any information about any of the above, you can contact us here!

Keep safe and well, everybody xxx

Please help our artists out by buying their music!




At this weird time, singers and musicians are losing a lot of money because – for obvious reasons – their gigs are being cancelled.

We are gradually updating this website to include links where you can help them out by buying their music.

Please bear with us whilst we work out the best place to put the links, and then finish doing it.

Keep safe, everybody, and see you on the other side ….. the other side of the virus thing that is, not the other side of the Styx ….

Coronavirus as at 12 March




We are keeping a close eye on the situation re the coronavirus, and (as you will see above) have already reluctantly decided to cancel our upcoming concert with Wizz Jones, Alfie Jones and Zach Johnson.

Apparently people can have this virus  and transmit it to others without having any symptoms themselves, and without knowing they have got it. So they  themselves  may be fine, or go on to have very mild symptoms, but they could transmit it to somebody else who might not be so lucky.

Given that people will be sitting close together at our  concerts and singarounds  for quite a long time, and that the demographic of our audience  means that a  lot of them will be in high risk groups, we don’t want to be responsible for anybody catching the virus.

We know that government advice has not yet extended to this kind of gathering, but  we seem to be lagging behind some other countries in that respect, so we would rather be safe than sorry.

We will be keeping our forthcoming singarounds and concerts under review on a date by date basis, but as things are at the moment it looks like we may have to cancel/postpone some of those as well.

We will keep in touch with you re the situation via this website, our newsletter (if you don’t subscribe, click on the “contact us” link on the menu on the left of this page) and via social media such as Facebook (The Goose Is Out) and Twitter (@thegooseisout).

We hope you understand. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Take care of yourselves!

Love Nyge and Sue x





As you will know if you have been there, the lovely Ivy House is a pub, not a theatre!

As we say elsewhere on our website, and on our WeGotTickets page, our concerts are half seated and half standing. The capacity of the ballroom where we hold our concerts is 150.

The pub only has a limited number of chairs and stools, and clearly some of those have to be used for people in the two other rooms who are not coming to our concert!

If you must have a seat, for example if you have a disability which means you are unable to stand, please arrive when the door opens at 7pm in order to be sure of a seat.

If you are not able to arrive at 7pm, please contact us in advance explaining the situation, and we will make appropriate arrangements.

If you do not do this, and you bring in chairs or stools from elsewhere in the pub, please do not be offended when you are  asked to take them out again, as they are needed for customers who are not coming to the concert, plus you will be taking up space which is needed for people to stand.

Thank you for your understanding!