Alasdair Roberts

23 January 2009, 30 October 2009, 6 May 2011, 31 May 2013, 28 November 2014, 24 November 2017

Alasdair RobertsAlasdair  is one of those singers who just could not possibly be mistaken for anybody else, having his own very individual style. Soon he will have visited the Goose six times, which we think must put him top of the league in terms of number of appearances Chez Goose!

Once he brought a piper (as in bagpipes) with him, which was pretty amazing. We don’t think DHFC had seen anything like that before (and probably not since, either …..)

Both halves of the Goose have been fans of Alasdair for years, before they even met. Met each other that is, not met Mr Roberts. Obviously.

Based in Scotland, Alasdair released his first solo album of traditional songs, “The Crook of my Arm”, in 2001. His second album “Farewell Sorrow” was one of the Observer’s top albums of the year (note – that’s top albums, not top folk albums! Amazing for a folk album!), and consists of beautiful self-written songs which are totally personal yet clearly influenced by the folk tradition.

Alasdair’s next album, “No Earthly Man”, was a collection of traditional British ballads and his fourth, “The Amber Gatherers” was released in 2007. Crikey, that’s aeons ago!

Since then we’ve lost track, as he has brought out so much wonderful stuff, including lots in collaboration with other people. Most of which, between us, we have in our collection 🙂

fRoots said of one album: “Spoils is back to his unyieldingly scary best… it is a beautiful, disquieting, comic, twisted, bizarre, riveting masterpiece.”

Yep, we’d say that just about sums it  up …… we wish we’d said it 🙂

‘”Too Long in This Condition” is another excellent album’ – that doesn’t have quite the same ring about it as the fRoots quote, does  it …..

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