Andy Hankdog

28 March 2008

Andy 'Hank Dog'Andy needs no introduction to those of you who know and love his Easycome Acoustic Club, which has been based at various venues over the past few years.

From rock star in the seventies, Andy Hank Dog left the drugged up music scene and became a jewellery designer throughout the eighties, returning to his music career in the nineties. His band The Hank Dogs were signed to Joe Boyd’s record company Ryko Music, and their second album Half Smile (on Spinney Records) got great reviews in the national press.

Andy has lived in Crystal Palace for over ten years now, and has a recording studio there called Crystopolis, where he promotes young talent. He also curated the Tate’s Floor Spot night in 2007.

We are grateful to Andy for being so supportive of The Goose when we first started out, and for being so tolerant of our talent-spotting amongst his Easycome singers!

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