Ben Holland

16 June 2012, March 2013

Ben HollandBen appeared for the first time at the Goose at our evening for up-and-coming artists who we wanted to give a gig to but couldn’t fit in anywhere else!

He then went on to support John McClean at the Dog in 2013, which was another excellent night!

Ben was born in Carlisle in the north western part of England. His schooling was in Carlisle as were his first few jobs.

After hearing and having the world turned upside down by Bob Dylan, Ben decided to learn as many of the man’s songs as possible. He then began to write songs of his own, and decided to move to London and play to who ever wanted to listen.

We usually  have a mix of Dylan and self-penned songs from Ben, but hey they are all good.   Ben sings Bob Dylan songs in a way which may take you back to the sixties!! (assuming you were there in the first place, of course …..)

We’re  sure we’ll be seeing more of Ben in the future, particularly after he was chosen by Joan Armatrading to support her on her tour of the UK!

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