Boycott Coca Cola Experience, The

28 March 2008

The Boycott Coca-Cola ExperienceBacked by William Warren on toy drums and brass, Tim Siddall sings caustic, funny, surreal and mundane songs and has been described as “Mark E Smith meets Jake Thackray”.

Siddall has got something to say and he says it with wit and warmth whilst grappling with a demonic Mississippi-via-Peckham guitar.

The Goose thinks TBCCA is brilliant, and judging by the applause when he supported The Woodentops way back in 2008, so did you!

Find out more at

The Boycott Coca-Cola Experience’s MySpace page

But TBCCA no longer exists, and Tim Siddall’s new existence is as Flameproof Moth.

Click here to find out about Flameproof Moth!



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