Carl Picton Cartel, The

30 January 2015

Carl Picton  Cartel

The Carl Picton Cartel are very much a South East London group , and we always like to support local artists. They will be (or possibly already have by the time you read this!) supporting Martin Carthy on 30 January 2015.

They claim to be already a bit Goosey as they rehearse at St John the Evangelist church on Goose Green !

The Cartel has been as big as an 8-piece in the past. However presently they are  a tight knit  trio, with Carl Picton on guitar and vocals, Tim ‘TC’ Clark on double bass and Hubert ‘Hub’ Spall with loads of wind…  saxophones, pipes, clarinet, recorders and more …..

Click here to hear The Carl Picton Cartel!

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