The Goose BLOG!

Goose honking

Ooooh – we’re joining the ranks of the bloggers!

Not sure quite what will be blogged (Be afraid. Be very afraid) but we will try to keep it folk related 🙂

Random Ramblings ….


Oh dear,  my great intentions to keep up with this blog seem to have fallen by the wayside.

So many things I should have blogged (is that a word?) at the time and didn’t ….

For example – congratulations to Phil and Hannah on their well-deserved Folk Award – we look forward to seeing them back at the Goose in June! And of course congratulations to all the other winners.

For example – what a great evening on Friday with Tom Paley, Reuben’s Train and The Wayne Drury  Project! Now we’re looking forward to our next Ivy House concert with Jim Causley at the end of this month.

For example – looks like we’re going to have great beginners’ sessions because loads of people have expressed interest – oh dear, have I put anything about it on the website yet? ARRRRGGGHHHH, right, must off and check that out …..

Demo CDs ……


We usually listen to demos in the car, but  not having been anywhere in the car lately, yesterday we caught up with a huge pile of demos.

We calculated that we had listened to around 700 demos since the Goose started in March 2008. That’s an awful lot of music ….

We listen to it so you don’t have to …. (only joking – a bit).

Anyway, you will be listening to some of it, as we have found some great people we didn’t know before!


Thanks James and Alex!


Fantastic music last night from James Findlay and Alex Cumming at The Old Nun’s Head – particularly after James had had a gruelling seven hour drive (including hold-ups obviously) from Plymouth, and Alex had come down from Newcastle.

Thanks to those of you who braved appalling weather to come and see them – if you didn’t, you missed a real treat.

Nice to see a few new faces at the Goose, too!


Great shanty night last night!


What a great night last night – it was brilliant to see so many people there.

Particular thanks to everybody who sang, especially The Hog-Eye Men and The Dulwich  Folk Choir!

We will definitely be having another one, don’t know when though ….. watch this space! Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the choir …..

Dulwich Folk Choir at The Ivy House




Panic when the website went down for a few hours today, but at least it wasn’t the “up to 48 hours” they said it might be,  AAARRRGGGGHHHH.

At least it shouldn’t happen again. Hopefully. Was the remnants of changing the host ….