Edwin Brooks and the Burning Glass

2 July 2010, 23 September 2011

Edwin BrooksWhen Edwin Brooks is not growing vegetables he writes and sings songs on Ukulele and other small stringed instruments. The songs are influenced by music of the 1920s-40s and also by traditional English material, and deal with such diverse subjects as mortality, 18th century corsairs, Beatles fanatics and garden pests.

The songs are often accompanied by Kirsty Witchell who plays clarinet, bass clarinet and flute, Robin Allison on acoustic bass and the vocalist Gabrielle Lewry. Edwin has appeared at many venues on the folk club circuit, has supported Emiliana Torrini at the Royal Festival hall and  has performed  at Glastonbury along with other UK festivals.

Ed has an EP  released in June 2010 with the aforementioned musicians, entitled ‘Anthems for a Quiet Life’.

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