Friday 29 May - POSTPONED



Please read this first bit, and then scroll down – you can help our headliners by buying their music!!

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, this concert has sadly been postponed, to a future date as yet to be decided.

If you have already bought tickets and wish to hold onto your tickets until the new date, that’s great,  but you are welcome to a refund now if you prefer (or later on if you can’t make the new date once it has been confirmed).

You will be contacted by either WeGotTickets (if you bought advance tickets online) or by The Ivy House (if you bought advance tickets from The Ivy House bar).

We are very sorry for any inconvenience and/or disappointment caused.

Please contact us if you have any queries (there is a contact form at the bottom of the menu on the left hand side of this page).

Love Nyge and Sue aka The Goose Is Out!  xxx

Three excellent joint headliners tonight, and each one with his own  unique style!  (Ooops just realised they are all men – sorry women, we will make amends!)


Elliott Morris


Elliott Morris, featured in Acoustic magazine as ‘The Next Big Thing’, taps the strings and beats the guitar’s body to create an intricate spectacle, together with an original and unique sound integral to his songs.

Elliott’s original compositions marry intricate guitar lines with heartfelt, honest vocals and clever wordplay, combining elements of folk, roots, jazz and country, all the time embracing the traditional and the contemporary.


Click here to find out more about Elliott Morris!

  If you would like to buy Elliott’s  CDs, please go to his website:  www.elliottmorris.co.uk 

Stew Simpson

We had a great night at the Goose with Stew’s band Hadrian’s Union, and we are delighted to welcome him back solo tonight, as the first time we encountered Stew he was singing a cracking unaccompanied traditional song at an evening  Singaround at Cecil Sharp House, if memory serves at the London Folk Festival!

Stew Simpson has spent the last 20 years exploring many styles in the music world, eventually settling in the folk world.

Last year, Stew  released his most recent work: Milk Man Son. This work is a reflection of Stew’s journey into Folk Music. Having started his music career in punk and grunge Stew found a place to communicate with his audience somewhere in the middle of traditional music, eccentric stage craft, and a touch of punk attitude that just wouldn’t shift.

As well as performing with his band Hadrian’s Union, who  EFDSS Magazine called “Folk Rock at its finest”, Stew is a wonderful solo singer, singing both his own songs and traditional acapella folk from the North East of England.


Click here to find out more about Stew Simpson!

Stew is also a very talented artist, and you can buy his paintings or commission drawings from his website, where you can also buy CDs and (very lovely) tee shirts! He is also currently working on a children’s book (Jemimah and the Black Unicorn).

Here are two of  Stew’s  drawings:

Stew Simpson drawing 1

Stew Simpson drawing 2

Here’s the address:  www.stewsimpson.co.uk

Thom Ashworth

Thom is an English folksinger and bassist, playing both stripped down arrangements of British traditional songs and his own songs inspired by the folk tradition.

‘Adventurous, exciting, and highly effective.’ – FRoots

Click here to find out more about Thom Ashworth!

To listen to and buy Thom Ashworth’s albums, please go to http://thomashworth.com/#listen 

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