False Hare

12 June 2009

False Hare

The Goose met Helen and Katie when they came to ask our advice about setting up a new folk club – Kit and Cutter –  in Deptford (erm, yes, we did ask them if they had any idea what they were letting themselves in for!)

We went to their first night and when they got up to do a song together, we were blown away, particularly as they had modestly said to us that they were only doing it because it was traditional for folk club organisers to get up and sing (erm, yes, thanks for subtly pointing out that the Goose has not as yet adhered to this tradition …..)

Anyway, we basically said to them that if they could get a half-hour set together which was anything like as good as what we’d heard, we would be delighted to have them come and sing at DHFC, to which after a bit of shuffling they agreed.

On being asked for a brief biog, this is what they said: Helen was in a cool indie band for a while – Kate was in the school choir. On being pushed for more, it transpires that Helen was lead guitarist in an all girl punk band called Kamikaze Kitten…… who were pretty big on the Oxford music scene circa 1998.

Well, we were well impressed but somewhat bemused until we found out that Helen was about five at the time ….. well fourteen actually …..

And – False Hare? One of them is into wigs, the other one thinks if there isn’t a traditional song about a false hare, there should be. Saying anything? No, not us. We’re saying nothing about that photo, either…….

And hey, they were great! But sadly, we have no idea what happened to them after that, as both they and their folk club (latterly at The Old Nun’s Head where we now have our folk nights, having first checked that we wouldn’t be treading on anybody else’s toes) seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth ….

We hope that they may reappear at some point – both they and their folk club!

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