Folk Club Nights at The Ivy House

This page is for information which applies to all our folk club nights (we usually refer to them just as our club nights…..)

Click here for information about specific club nights  and other events which are coming up!


As from January 2017, our club nights are held at The Ivy House, which brings all our regular events under one very lovely roof.

They will remain monthly on a Thursday night (sorry to those who preferred Fridays – so did we 🙁 )  – but see below.

Our club nights are run along the lines of a “traditional”  old school folk club, with floorspots (hey! Do come and give us a song or tune!) and a raffle (!). There is always a headliner, who is usually somebody/some people who are not yet well known enough for us to book to headline one of our larger concert nights.

In the past we have whenever possible  tried to run our club nights  without PA, unless the headliner specifically requested it.  As we are no longer in a separate room, this is sadly not usually possible due to noise from the rest of the pub.

When we first started our club nights, we were a bit precious about having just  traditional and traditional-influenced folk music, but we have broadened our policy to enable us to include excellent headliners who do not necessarily fit into that category (though hey, all music is traditional-influenced to some extent, no?)

Although it’s sort of a club, we don’t have members, though we do have a lot of lovely people who come regularly!

Whether you sing or play yourself, like joining in choruses or just want to listen to others, we’ll sure you’ll have a great time! We hope you’ll find everybody friendly and welcoming.


The club is normally on the second Thursday  of the month unless we make some hideous mistake with the calendar. We do not hold club nights in July, August or December.


Our club nights are  £8 on the door (we don’t sell advance tickets for our club nights).


The room  is on the ground floor, and there is a disabled loo nearby. Please ask us or the bar staff if you can’t find it.

Please note that during our club nights and concerts, you will not be able to access the ballroom (where our nights are held) from the refectory  (this is the panelled room to the side of the ballroom).  If you are already in the refectory, please use the garden door and go round the side of the pub to access the ballroom and the ticket/handstamp  table from the front bar.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but unfortunately we have had problems in the past with people using this door to avoid payment, and we can no longer have somebody there  every night checking handstamps.


As from January 2017, we are opening the doors at 7pm to bring our club nights into line with our other regular nights, and hopefully reduce confusion. The live music will still start at 8pm.  We hope this will give people more time to get a drink, get a seat and possibly get something to eat (see below!)

The live music starts at 8pm and we aim to finish at 11pm, though there will probably be encores.

The format of the night is:

7  pm – Door, Folk DJ (FlapJackDavey, aka Nygel 😀 )

8 pm – Floorspots

8.25  pm – Break

8.30pm – First set from headliner

9. 15 pm –  Interval and raffle (Five chances to win for a pound! Remarkable prizes!)

9.40 pm – Raffle draw

9.45 pm – Floorspots

10.10pm – Break

10.15 pm – Second set from headliner

11 pm – Folk  DJ (FlapJackDavey)


We are keen to encourage up and coming singers, and have twenty five minutes before each of the headliner’s sets for people who would like to sing (or play) to a folk club  audience.  If this is you,  please arrive when the door opens at 7pm or soon after,  and put your name on the list  at the ticket table.

We usually give people one song each, but depending on the number of singers on any  particular night, you may get the opportunity to sing more than one song. If there are a lot of singers, however, unless you are early you may not get a song at all!

We don’t vet our floorsingers, but we do ask that you feel sufficiently confident and competent to sing to a paying audience, and that you don’t need words.  If you haven’t sung in public before, we suggest that you break yourself in gently by coming to our singarounds  first.

If you haven’t sung at one of our nights before,  please click here for more details (then scroll down the page …..)

We ask that you restrict your songs at our club nights to folk or folk-influenced songs. Our Singarounds are more of a free-for-all genre-wise,  but where people have paid for a ticket to a folk club night we feel that they expect to hear folk songs.

Please  could you also keep your songs reasonably short, ie not very long ballads!


Please note that this is not an “open mic” evening, or at least not as we understand it, as there will be a headliner doing two forty five minute sets.

The Goose Raffle

Our famous (or possibly infamous) raffle is five tickets for a pound. We tear each strip of  tickets up, so theoretically you could win more than one prize for your pound (and some people have …. Peter and Glenys, we’re looking at you I think ….. 🙂 )

The first ticket drawn entitles you to pick a CD which we have lovingly chosen and paid good money for, from a box which we try to keep constantly replenished with a variety of folkie CDs. Sometimes we may include a choice of  another prize, eg a folkie book.

The second and third (and sometimes more if we’re feeling generous and there is time) tickets drawn get to have a lucky dip from one of our overflowing bags of demo CDs. We did consider letting people look at these CDs and choose one, but the first (and only) time we did this, the winner  picked the only Martin Simpson  CD in there, as you would, obviously, so we’ve stopped doing that now!

The standard of CDs in the bag varies from excellent to let’s say “a bit less excellent”, but we listen to every single demo CD we are sent, and we remove the truly bad ones prior to the raffle (No. Wild horses would not drag any names from us.  😀 ).

Please note that if the room is extremely full, we may decide not to have the raffle as there would not be time in the interval to get round everybody to sell tickets. To overcome this problem, we may in future sell raffle tickets at the door as well as in the interval, but at the time of writing this  we haven’t started doing that!


Food is available  (yummy food!) so please – obviously – do not bring your own food.

Sorry, but you will not be able to eat your food in the ballroom.  You are very welcome to come in when the door opens at 7pm, save a seat and then eat in another part of the pub. If you do not want to do that, then please make sure that you arrive in sufficient time to order and eat your meal before the door opens.

You can also phone The Ivy House in advance to reserve a table to eat in one of the other rooms.


There is a bar in the ballroom where the club nights are held. There are also two other bars in the pub, but if you use these you will need to show your handstamp at the door when you come back into the ballroom. Please note that to access the bar in the refectory, you will need to go via the front bar, round the side of the pub and through the garden door, as the doors between the ballroom and the refectory will be closed (see above).

Please do buy drinks – they don’t have to be alcoholic!  As with all similar events, our continued presence at The Ivy House  is dependent on people  buying drinks (and food).

We can’t  believe we have to say this to our lovely Goose people, but hey sadly after an unfortunate incident at a previous club night venue it seems that we must …..

If you bring your own drink into the venue, not only is it extremely rude to the pub who is providing the room but it may cause them to lose their licence – and us to lose another venue.

Anybody who we or the bar staff find drinking drinks which have not been bought at the bar will be asked to leave, and will be permanently banned from all Goose events :(

Would you Like to Headline at a Club Night?

Stuart Forester

If you would like to headline at one of our club nights, please click here for details!