Geri van Essen

26 November 2010

Geri van EssenWe first came across Geri when she came to do a floorspot Upstairs at the Mag. After hearing her a few more times, we booked her to do a slot at the local Aquarius Festival in East Dulwich. Soon afterwards, she was snapped up by another folk club and also asked to sing at a literary festival in Shoreditch!

She subsequently supported Martin Simpson at DHFC, and we were delighted to see her blossoming still further when she became a part of The Wayne Drury Project for a while.

We hope you like her singing as much as we do.

Geri sung in choirs from an early age. She became fascinated by old folk music after discovering a Joan Baez album with recordings from 1959.

For many years the only song she could play was ‘Mary Hamilton’, then busy years of studying left her guitar very dusty! In 2008, friends encouraged her to sing in public, and the lack of folk clubs in The Netherlands brought her to London.

Geri says “The songs I am most captured by are the ones with the worst scenarios or the least earthly prospect”. Oh dear. Oh well, that’s folk, innit. They’re mostly like that, Geri ……

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