John Doan

10 June 2011

John DoanJohn is a very talented 20 string harp guitar player from the States.

John’s 20 string harp guitar is a conventional six string with additional strings to either side. It sounds like a guitar but with a piano’s range. Once you get over the surprise of what the instrument is, sit back and be transported to a musical realm that has garnered John many awards, such as “Best Celtic Album of the Year”.

We were told that John’s music would range from Celtic inspirations to Jimi Hendrix, so we expected an interesting evening! Would he play his harp guitar with his teeth though? Sadly, he didn’t 🙂 We were blown away by his non-teeth playing, however, as was the full room 🙂

Thanks John, you were great,  and we hope to have you  back at the Goose soon!

Click here to go to John Doan’s website!

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